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The north of Europe has become an inspiration for contemporary culture. Even though modern art, music and literature are strongly influenced by pop culture, in Nordic countries they remained distinctive. What makes it so special and how could you incorporate Scandinavian style into your home.


Geographical conditions created the Scandinavian approach to art and design. Winter brings short days that last only for a few hours. This inspired Scandinavian people to look for other opportunity to bring more light to their everyday life. As a result they have focused on bright, natural colours and materials. Walls are usually white or grey, but always the bright shade is maintained. It is common to match white walls, white floor, white furniture and even such details as white flowers. Together it makes up a harmonious blend of colours, textures and shape.


Scandinavian people used to have a very limited access to any resources due to difficult transport conditions. They learned to use everything they can get, giving new functionality to old items. This is the basis of modern up-cycling trend. As a result modern design can boast about such interesting pieces as bed built on pallets or soda bottles used as vases. In Scandinavian houses everything is useful and has its own important role. Fists of all furniture and accessories need to be functional, not just beautiful. When designing your own home, keep everything simple and clean. This is the first step to achieve Nordic character of any interior and still live in a modern and smart space.


Even though Scandinavian interior is minimal and spacious, it is crucial to pay attention to details. They may seem invisible at the first glimpse, but after all they create this look of a cosy and individual room. The characteristic feature of Nordic style is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernism. Tradition is especially highlighted in accessories and these are traditional patterns printed on fabric, emblems and the use of raw material. Sometimes they use floral motifs such as tulips, forget-me-nots or primroses. However, there is always kept a balance between clean design and practical approach to any home item.

Furniture and fabric

Chairs, beds or tables are always simple and perfectly matched into any room. Furniture is not overwhelming. In such an interior you rather put attention to colour and light than to furniture itself. Usually, they are white with simple lines. Sometimes they remind us of traditional folklore and are ornamented with discreet pattern along the edges. Thanks to the simplicity it is way easier to pair it with accessories. Scandinavian room is like a basis that can be easily modified and personalized according to your needs and taste. It has appealing look that has nothing to do with chaotic and random interior. Is it even possible to feel comfort and warmth in such a minimal interior? You just need to use the right accessories. Natural fabrics soften the modern look of the room.