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Why the painting matters?

We talk with FREJA, who created the largest collection of motives. She reveals why she had become a painter and what is important in her life.

Milly Home: Where do you find your inspiration?
“The inspiration comes from nature and every day experiences, and is expressed in paintings which are often built up by compositions of squares, rooms and little “time pockets” to disappear into, dream in, and be absorbed by. The colours own life, the lightness of the brushstrokes and rough contrasts creates depth and gives the paintings an aesthetic touch of tranquility and balance."

Milly Home: Why does anybody need a painting?
“I imagine that it hangs on the wall of the house, in the office room of the lawyer or a doctor, who needs a window to another worlds to get a new perspective, a moment of pure thought, piece of art, which wakes up sleeping mind or emotions. I dream that my painting will make not one person to feel these impressions, which I have embraced while painting it and will make the owner to autoreflection of the most rushy people.”

Milly Home: What does actually painting mean for you?
“Painting takes a big part of my life since 1980. As a self-tought artist, I have been getting experience, going through changes, experimenting, and all these stages you will see in my paintings.”

Milly Home: Is there anything as important for you as the painting?
“The life itself, meaning hanging out with closest people, appreciating emotions – the positive, but also the hard ones, which lift us up to a higher level of reflection. Sometimes, something tough has to happen in order to appreciate somebody, who lives next to your door. I love my family, but we don’t necessarily spend all the time together. But when we are finally all in one room, we look for the great music, or good show in the theatre and then I,..often make schetches in my notes all these thoughts, which came to my mind. Later on, I share them with you, all this what I consider important or beautiful.”

Milly Home: Why do you have so many animal motives in your paintings?
“On top of aspect of nature, which in animals inspires me most as they are driven by instinct, there is also the aspect of magic. In ancient mythology, the animals were associated with supernatural powers, evil’s forces or ability to cure illnesses. Birds are my favourite animals. An owl has many faces and is an extraordinary hero of my creation and also has become a very popular motive among many European nations. However, the most touching animal of all are the turtledoves, which – while standing close to the light – bring happiness and love to all persons waiting for it.”

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