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The colour of the paintings will last for many years to come, since we only use paint with a very high content of pigment. The paintings are painted on canvas and frame of high quality. The quality is refl ected in a correlation of choice of materials, technique, and the artist’s magical skill and love for transforming it into art. The artists set their mark on every single painting with their own artistic expression, and thus can details in the painting vary from the original. We wish our customers all the best experiences with the paintings.


Chili was born in 1980 in Chile, but has lived her entire life in Denmark. She has studied art and art history, before she started art school. Just out of art school, she began working at Malerifabrikken. Chili works mostly with lighter shades of colors, but combines them with burnt colours to create the warmth she wants in her paintings. In spite of her young age, there is no doubt about her talent, and she is very well founded technically. “With my abstract paintings I hope to give the spectators an experience, and give them that proclamation on the canvas that will make the paintings interesting enough for the imaginative viewer to keep exploring”.


The inspiration comes from nature and every day experiences, and is expressed in paintings which are often built up by compositions of squares, rooms and little “time pockets” to disappear into, dream in, and be absorbed by. The colours own life, the lightness of the brushstrokes and rough contrasts creates depth and gives the paintings an aesthetic touch of tranquility and balance. Painting has been a big part of my life since 1990. As a self-taught artist, growth, experience, movement and experiment has been the key words for the motives created on the canvas today.” Freja was born in 1969.


Gade was born and raised in Copenhagen. He now lives in Jutland, where he cultivates his music and his paintings. His background in music has taught him to compose on canvas with colour and brushes. “Method, form, tone, scale, rhythm, tempo and strength are the building blocks of my music and painting.” “My amazement, excitement and joy of animals are refl ected in my designs. The animals are a clear reminder of the care, thoughtfulness and love, we must show our fragile earth.


Jannic was born in 1948 and has been an artist since 1982. Despite his long career as an artist, his work is still full of life and vitality, which is easily recognised in his work. His paintings are built up from a powerful centre from where the painting springs to life, and at the same time draws the spectator into the motive. He has an incredible fi ne sense for mixing the colors he uses. This, combined with a highly professional method of painting, results in a very fi ne balance in his paintings. This has placed Jannic in a strong position in the world of non-fi gurative abstract art.


The self-taught artist Julie was born in 1957. The world of art has captured her because it relaxes her soul to play with the colors, which gives energy to the body and joy to the eye. Julie hopes that the spectator of her paintings will have the same experience when looking at her paintings. Julie has taken several courses at art schools over the years, which is evident in her advanced painting technique.


Line B
The Danish artist Line B. is self-taught, and has earlier worked as a decorator. The combination of colours in the painting is very important to her, so that it matches the trends in interior decorating. “With my background as a decorator I try to create the paintings not just as art, but also with the entire impression of the home in mind. The paintings must be able to be a part of the total furnishment of the home, and create the perfect balance between furniture and decoration.”


Mark was born in 1970. Mark is a self-taught artist, and has expressed himself through painting since he was very young. He is inspired by the city pulse and all new trends in our society, and especially experimental music and art fascinates him. Mark’s paintings refl ects this with vitality, cheerfulness and powerful colours.


Milla was born in 1969, and she began painting when she was 16 to earn extra money during her journalist studies. She also did graphic work and made trinkets onto which paint was applied, but she was more and more drawn towards painting, and her journalist training was never used. Milla has later studied two years at an art school abroad where she was taught by well known artists, and has also worked as a teacher in art and creative classes herself.
Milla paints both fi guratively and abstract, and she is mostly inspired by people. She is extremely good at creating an atmosphere in her paintings, and gives them structure so that one can almost feel the paintings physically when looking at them.


Oline was born in 1969. Oline was originally educated as a textile designer and has worked as such for many years. Along with this she has been working as an artist since 1991. Although self taught, her years of experience, combined with her education in design, gives her a solid foundation. “My philosophy is that the paintings shall fi t the home of today, and not the other way around. I work mostly with light colours and try to keep a lightness in the painting, so that it will not dominate the room. I like to work with different materials such as newspaper and photos to give a different and exciting dimension.”


Peter was born in 1968, is a teacher by education, and lives close to Aarhus. He enjoys peacefulness and the nature, but is also drawn by the echoes from fi lm, music, art and culture - and it is in this fi eld of tension his motives evolves. A powerful palette of colours fi lled with contrasts, plus a touch of poetry and dynamism, makes Peter’s paintings lively and full of edge and depth.


Martin Thykjaer was born in 1960, and has a long career as an artist behind him. Martin Thykjaer combined his job as an architect with his career as an artist, and about five years ago Thykjaer had his break through as an artist. Since then Martin Thykjaer has worked only with his burning passion: painting.